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2015 Webinars

Every other Tuesday, 3-4p Eastern Time, two speakers per webinar.

All webinars are being archived on YouTube, so you can access them at any time if you missed any of them live. Either follow the links to individual webinars below, or browse them all on our YouTube channel at:



Spring 2015 Webinars

Synthesizing Cyberinfrastructure Efforts of C4P and the EarthCube Community

Now at 3p ET (one hour earlier!). The Spring 2015 webinars will focus on finding links between C4P efforts and other EarthCube projects. 

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Link
Feb 3

Matty Mookerjee, Sonoma State University

Leslie Hsu, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

EC3 RCN: Earth-centered communication for cyberinfrastructure

SEN RCN: Sediment Experimentalist Network

Feb 17

Bruce Caron, EarthCube

Kerstin Lehnert, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

New EarthCube Governance

iSamples Community Speaks: Workshop and Survey Results

Mar 3 Ilya Zaslavsky, UC San Diego

New Developments with the CINERGI Resource Catalog

Mar 17

Sky Bristol and the Digital Crust Team

Ricardo McClees-Funinan and the USGS Team

EarthCube Digital Crust Project

USGS Paleo Records, C4P, and PaleoBioDB

Mar 31      
Apr 14      
Apr 28 Bob Arko, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory EarthCube GeoLink Project [article]  
May 12   Week of C4P Synthesis Workshop  

Fall 2014 Webinars





Aug 26

Chris Jenkins, University of Colorado 

Pascal Hitzler, Wright State University

About the Upcoming Workshop 'Computing with Geologic Time' 

Ontology Design Patterns for Data Repository Integration (slides)



Sep 10

Chris Jenkins, University of Colorado


Jim Bowring, College of Charleston

Geologic Time and Paleocoordinate methods
in the Global Seafloor Geology Database (dbSEABED)

Automating Geochronology Workflow from Raw Data to Repository:
The Power of Collaborative Software Engineering

Video Part 1

Video Part 2


Sep 23

Xiaogang (Marshall) Ma, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jack Williams, University of Wisconsin

A Golden Spike information portal enabled by semantic technologies and data 

Age Models, Chronologies, and Databases



Oct 7   Computing with Time Workshop - no webinar  
Oct 14

Tom Olszewski and C4P Steering Committee

Mike Gurnis, Caltech

Recommendations for Computing with Time


Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Oct 28

Katelyn Verner and Rebecca Bobick, Purdue University

TimeScale creator


Nov 11

Kerstin Lehnert and Megan Carter, Columbia University iSamplES and AGU Early Career Event on Digital Sample Curation Video
Dec 9 Liz Bradley, University of Colorado Cscibox: A Software System for Age-Model Construction and Evaluation Video

Spring 2014 Webinars





Feb 4

Ilya Zaslavsky, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Eric Grimm, Illinois State Museum


Neotoma Paleoecology Database

Archived video


Feb 18

Kerstin Lehnert, IEDA, Columbia University

Sky Bristol, Abigail Benson, Ricardo McClees-Funinan USGS

Geosamples and IGSN

Working to get the USGS paleontology records straight

Archived video


Mar 4

David Arctur, University of Texas, Austin

Robert Corrigan, Smithsonian Institution

EarthCube Community Engagement

Encyclopedia of Life

Archived video


Mar 18

Christopher Norris, Yale University

Anders Noren, University of Minnesota


Scientific Drilling Cyberinfrastructure

Archived video


Apr 1

Mark D. Uhen, George Mason University

David M. Anderson, NOAA National Climatic Data Center

Paleobiology database

World Data Center for Paleoclimatology

Archived video


Apr 15

Gil Nelson, Florida State University

Douglas Fils, Consortium for Ocean Leadership


Using schema.org and microdata for data discovery

Archived video


Apr 29

Tom Narock, Marymount University 

Shanan Peters, University of Wisconsin

Semantics and Linked Open Data


Archived video


May 13

James Beach, University of Kansas

Aimee Stewart, University of Kansas

Specify Software for Collections

Lifemapper Computational Platform

Archived video


May 27

Laura K Säilä, University of Helsinki

C4P Steering Committee

NOW Database

C4P Paleobiology Workshop Follow-up

Archived video